Metasysteme Coaching Bucharest proudly presents: Professional Workshop “indiviDual & team diagnosis FOR LEADERS & COACHES” 22 – 23 March, 2012

Trainer Alain CARDON , master certified coach – International Coach Federation.
Certification: International Coach Federation validated training ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours).

A two-day foundational workshop for leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, trainers, HR specialists etc.
Metasysteme Coaching Bucharest proudly presents: Professional Workshop “indiviDual & team diagnosis FOR LEADERS & COACHES” 22 – 23 March, 2012

Two intense days of theory and practice on individual, team and organizational diagnostics, to acquire the special perspective a systemic coaching approach can add to your comprehension of systems, of how they work, of how they grow to become winners, of how they evolve in time and of how they reconfigure.

Outcomes: The participants will acquire:

A clear understanding of their own profile: their personal potential and challenges as team members, executives, managers, coaches or consultants. Knowing oneself is of the utmost importance when facing others or a team, participating in its growth and accompanying its developmental process.

A revisited understanding of teams as performance achievers and project management systems and the central part they play in organizations. A clear understanding of team phases of development, and how to accompany each phase.

A deeper knowledge of four key team and organizational cultures: how to adapt one’s coaching and management strategies to help each one of them benefit from its full specific potential.

A systemic tool to accompany teams as they diagnose their own profiles and define their own potentials. This tool can be central in a team coaching process. The tool is free of royalties and can be used by professional immediately following the workshop.

Connections with other existing management models, such as Blake and Mouton, Hersey and Blanchard, Process Communication (Taïbi Kahler), time management models, motivational models, ethnological models, etc.

An introduction to systemic theory as it applies to leadership, project management, organization development, team coaching and organizational coaching.

Participation fee : 660 €/2days of training + 24% VAT.

To register, mail to Gabriela Mazilu :; 0733 988 678

Despre Metasysteme Coaching

Metasysteme Coaching este o companie de consultanta ce reuneste profesiunile de coach si de consultant strategic si sistemic. Metasysteme Coaching este axata pe transformarea si dezvoltarea performantei masurabile a conducatorului, liderului, echipei de conducere din intreprinderi. Toate programele de formare si pregatire oferite de Metasysteme Coaching sunt certificate ACSTH(Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) de International Coach Federation.
Condusa de Alain Cardon, Metasysteme Coaching face parte dintr-o retea de profesionisti care, prin consiliere strategica sau prin coaching de lider si de echipa de conducere, sunt capabili sa indrume dezvoltarea intreprinderilor in Europa si in alte parti ale lumii.
Alain Cardon este Master Certified Coach in cadrul ICF(International Coach Federation). Apartenenta la ICF este o garantie a calitatii si a respectarii criteriilor etice si deontologice stabilite de aceasta organizatie, criterii care privesc atat coaching-ul individual si de lider, cat si coaching-ul de echipa de conducere si de intreprindere. Pe langa activitatea de formare de coach, Alain Cardon desfasoara, de asemenea, o activitate de cercetare si de aprofundare a practicii sistemice in domeniul coaching-ului de lider, de echipa de conducere si de intreprindere, materializata in publicarea unor articole si lucrari de specialitate.